Outdoor Activities

Food and wine tasting tour: Santorini’s cuisine is mainly based on the island’s own agricultural products. These products, nourished by the volcanic soil, the bright sun and the humidity from the Aegean Sea, have a very unique taste. Traditional dishes, expressing the island’s food culture, include fava – split peas, tomato balls, white aubergines, stuffed courgettes, cooked capers, fresh cheese, sausages, wild rabbit with a cheese and egg sauce, brantada, sweet melitinia, and saffron bread rusks. Santorini’s top quality wines, from the dry whites to the sweet dessert wine Vinsanto, have made the island the gastronomy experts’ paradise. If you wish to indulge in Santorini’s most authentic flavours, ask the guesthouse’s concierge to arrange a private food and wine tasting tour performed by knowledgeable specialists for you.


Walking and hiking tours: Santorini with its mild climate, sunny days, and varied volcanic scenery, is a real paradise for trekking. The walking tours are designed for our guests who want to explore the island on easy to intermediate walks, which are usually far off the trails of the island’s mass tourism.These walking routes explores the fascinating natural and cultural history of the volcanic island of Santorini.


Fishing adventures:  Our guides have extensive experience with fishing in Santorini island and will take you to the best areas that this island has to offer, whether it is for sargus and barbel or scorpion.


Scuba diving adventures: The beauty of Santorini is renowned throughout the world. What many people do not know is the unique beauty which extends below the surface of the sea. For the lovers of diving, Santorini has unique experiences to offer that are hard to find on other Greek islands. The sea bottom of Santorini is among the most interesting ones in the world! We collaborate with the most fully equipped scuba-diving school of the island for our guests who are interested.


Sailing trips: Regarded by some as the most beautiful of the Greek Islands.Santorini was formed by a violent volcanic eruption. The ring-shaped island has a stunning caldera lined with high cliffs—easy to appreciate when arriving by boat.
A yacht sailing tour in Santorini is considered one of the island’s main attractions for a group of friends, families, romantic couples or honeymooners who wish to enjoy Santorini’s hidden treasures and cherish the memories of a mesmerizing sunset in Faros, either they are on a cruise around the Aegean or on holidays in one of the most photographed islands of  the Cyclades. For our guests we suggest a yacht sailing tour in Santorini with the experts in sailing adventures on the island.

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