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E c o  H o u s e s

P  L  E  I  A  D  E  S

The unique topography of Santorini has contributed decisively to the evolution of its special indigenous architecture. This, together with the beauty of the natural volcano, its unique historical monuments and geological characteristics, makes the island of Santorini very special and thus a popular tourist destination for thousands of visitors who come every year to enjoy this beautiful Cycladic island.


The aura of the Archipelagos (Aegean), the wild colourful rock faces and cliffs, the small picturesque houses chizzled into and on top of the cliffs, the amazing spectrum of colours reflected on the sea at sunrise and sun set, are bound to stir up your emotions giving you an experience of a life time.


There are many scheduled flights daily from Athens (ATH) to Santorini (J.T.R.) airport. Also, many charter flights connect the island to major European cities. Many ferry boats also arrive daily from the port of Piraeus but also from other islands of the Archipelagos (Aegean).


Transfers from the airport (2.7 km) and the port (7km) of the island to the complex are free of charge.

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